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D a r r e n c o o k a r t

Old Pines. East Wretham Heath Winter trees Winter field Village green (Great Hockham) Woodland (Wayland wood) Summer field (Norfolk) Helping hand St Marys Church Attleborough Norfolk Piglet Are we there yet Hunting we shall go Station road Meditation Curiosity Maserati
Lone tree Norfolk - Thompson water. Black Labrador Fallen tree Old friend The Fox Autumn dance Little green tree Tern A little wine Soaring Be not afeard Five Aggregates Grass and Shadow Boat on the beach Weybourne Sitting #2 Flight of the mind Shakuhachi Sitting #3 Void Wind on the beach Beached Parallel world (Paraglider)

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try”

– Dr. Seuss


A self-taught artist living in Norfolk I am influenced by my environment or the meanderings of the mind, which ever comes first. I like uncluttered artwork, something with a clean finish and a clarity and that can be anything from reality or simple depictions of imagination.

It is the simplicity of pencil, charcoal and ink that attracts me. The reliance on tonal value nudges the mind toward seeking an understanding of the object being observed. Pencil work can be a lengthy process and I like to counteract this with simple ink sketches that are more light hearted in nature.

I believe that whatever we do it should have an element of creativity to it, it's what makes things interesting. I can provide commissions, illustrative work, prints and originals.

Shingon Buddhist Monk Red Boat Sitting #4 Scarecrow Sitting 1 shingonmonk2 Shingon monk Blakeney lifeboat station Raleigh Chopper