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Click for - Combat Paintball video.

Combat Paintball LTD. Thetford Forest Norfolk.

Click for - Hang gliding in Suffolk

BBC. Hang gliding in Suffolk.

Click for - The Wood Fire Handbook.

Octopus publishing group. Book promotion video.

Click for - How to make kindling.

Instructional video for Youtube. Making Kindling.

Click for - How to chop logs.

Instructional video for Youtube Chopping Logs.


I enjoy my video work and that usually gets me outside where I can learn about a new subject. The process is slower than most people think and involves a lot of creative thought. The enjoyment comes from solving the puzzle, editing each small element and combining it all to create the finished product.

The starting point would be a briefing from the client to understand the texture of the video required. Some clients have no firm ideas and leave it to me but others are quite clear, either way is fine.

The moving image offers a richer interaction for any potential client and this advantage is increasingly becoming the norm today.

I am based between Watton and Attleborough Norfolk in the village of Caston. Due to the bespoke nature of my services fees are made on a case-by-case basis, please use the contact page to discuss your requirements.

Cley next the sea to Blakeney point

Cley next the sea to Blakeney point

Click to play - Holkham beach

Holkham Beach, Norfolk.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Benjamin Franklin